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On demand webinar:

The Future of Work: Navigating Global Teams and Achieving DEI Goals


Watch the on-demand webinar,

"The Future of Work: Navigating Global Teams and Achieving DEI Goals''

at your convenience and download your bonus material. 

Salih Mujcic-1

Salih Mujcic

Co-Founder, Cadrelo


Steven Dahl

Steven Dahl

Founder & CEO, Evercare

This webinar is designed to provide valuable information and insights on how asynchronous work can change the way we work and help organisations achieve their diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) objectives

During the webinar, our expert speakers discuss:

- The impact of asynchronous work on the modern workplace

- Best practices for managing remote and global teams effectively

- Strategies for integrating diversity, equity, and inclusion into asynchronous work

- The benefits of asynchronous work for organisations, including increased productivity and flexibility

- Utilising employer of record services to smoothly transition to asynchronous work.

Bonus Material

Gain more insights as you navigate your global expansion journey. 

Atlas EOR Handbook_031024_1

Employer of Record: 
Simplify Your Ability to Expand Globally

Download this free white paper to learn about partnering with an EOR like Atlas to support your global growth goals.

In this white paper you’ll gain insights on:

  • What an EOR is
  • The process of setting up a local entity and how EOR can save you cost, time, and more
  • Cultural nuances when expanding into new markets
  • The difference between a direct and indirect EOR.

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