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Expand into new regions at the pace your NGO demands

NGOs and non-profits provide essential services and assist the world's most vulnerable people. So when they need to expand across borders or extend their services into new regions, they often need to do so urgently.

That's where Atlas can help.

Download our Global Expansion Guide for Non-Governmental Organizations now to discover:

  • The opportunities that exist for internationally expanding NGOs
  • The seven challenges that NGOs typically face during global expansion
  • And how a direct Employer of Record (EOR) partner like Atlas can help 


Download your free copy of Atlas' Global Expansion Guide for Non-Governmental Organizations now!

Connecting every aspect of your people operations
Taking your NGO into a new country is a complicated process.

As the largest direct Employer of Record (EOR) in the market, Atlas can help you get your people on the ground in as little as two days.

With legal entities in over 160 countries, we’re also able to advise you on how to introduce your existing people to new international locations in the safest, most secure ways possible.
With Atlas as your expansion partner, we connect all the dots of global human experience management—removing the burden of hiring, onboarding, paying, and managing your local teams in new countries.


Compliance with labour and tax laws

Expanding into new countries involves a web of legal and compliance issue —especially when your operating as an NGO.

Working with Atlas allows you to mitigate compliance risks for your organization. As a direct EOR partner, Atlas assumes the responsibility (and liability) as a legal employer to ensure you comply with local employment regulations and let you focus on what you do best – helping the people that need it most.

Download our Global Expansion Guide for Non-Governmental Organizations now and find out how Atlas helps NGOs manage international compliance, including:

  • Understanding the key differences between contractors and employees and how to classify them correctly
  • Navigating local employment laws and taxes 
  • And delivering equitable benefits to your workers, no matter where they are located


Getting you on the ground faster
Whether it’s getting people flown in, safely set up with the right documentation, and into secure corporate housing, or hiring local people with full compliance, our experts across the world can advise you on the safest path to international set-up.