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The Current State and
Future of Payroll 2023

Group 403

When it comes to payroll, organizations are struggling to keep up with compliance, budgeting, and employee retention.

Atlas partnered with and the HR Research Institute to learn more about the current state of payroll systems and future trends that will shape this function.

Key findings of this survey include:

  • Payroll encounters strategic and process challenges
  • Organizations struggle with a lack of technology integration
  • Competitive pay is a challenge in today's market
  • The future of payroll includes integrated systems and pay transparency

Bonus Material

Navigate the cross-cultural complexities of paying a global workforce. 

HubSpot Video

Watch the “Payroll Without Borders:    Navigating Cross-Cultural Differences with Confidence ” webinar.

During this conversation, you'll learn:

  • The significance of culture in payroll
  • Insights on cultural scales and their impact on international business
  • Strategies for breaking down barriers to enhance cross-cultural understanding   

Interested in entering new markets and hiring global talent? Schedule a free compliance check.


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